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public school dress code


public school dress code


After he publicly chastised me for not communicating effectively via email, my client sent this gem:

“which of the features you launched since may have the best statistics in GA that they had a good effect.”

I still have no idea what he’s asking for.


Me: “What browser are you on?”

Client: “Google.”

Me: “Google Chrome?”

Client: “No, just regular Google.”

Me: “That’s the site. I want to know the browser.”

Client: “Google.”

Me: “No.”

Client: “Look, we can have this conversation forever, man. But when I hit the internet logo, Google comes up!”

Me: “Okay…What does that “internet logo” look like?

Client: “…A fiery fox, I guess. But that’s irrelevant.”

Many women, I think, resist feminism because it is an agony to be fully conscious of the brutal misogyny which permeates culture, society, and all personal relationships. It is as if our oppression were cast in lava eons ago and now it is granite, and each individual woman is buried inside the stone. Women try to survive inside the stone, buried in it. Women say, I like this stone, its weight is not too heavy for me. Women defend the stone by saying that it protects them from rain and wind and fire. Women say, all I have ever known is this stone, what is there without it?

Our Blood, by Andrea Dworkin

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Every year I am reminded that my introversion is mightier than my geekiness when I see pics from ComicCon and all I think is “ugh. it’s so crowded" and instead of envious I just feel kind of exhausted






girls think having a period sucks but try having to fix your penis discreetly through your pocket 

having the insides of your organs shed and come out through your genitals does not compare to having displaced balls sorry

none of you can do it discreetly anyways

we see you

everyone sees you

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B. Y. E


B. Y. E

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what does this look like to somebody whos never read dangan ronpa


The bear is preaching to the hamsters that their god is watching from the sky. That dude with the scar is hamster god

you could not be more correct

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Venus, an adorable Chimera cat from North Carolina, has a striking two-toned face and different colored eyes

this baby actually doesn’t have true chimerism, but a genetic mutation. she’s still very beautiful, though!